Creating a new page is easy and only requires you to know english and love the game. You can start a new page by clicking on the "Add a Page" link at the top of the Home page or at the side of every other page. You can also create a new page by simple click on a red link, then you will be able to create the called by the name you clicked on.

Before you beginEdit

However, there are several clauses you should read before writing a new page:

  1. You can create any page from the "Still needed" list or not from the list but there is a preference for pages from this list.
  2. Please take the page writing seriously, you can look at other pages on this wiki to understand better the requirements from a page.
  3. While creating a page from the "Still needed" list please name it as written in the list.
  4. After writing a page from the "Still needed" list try to remember to move it from the "Still needed" list to the "What's new on Castleville wiki?" list above so we could keep track after the pages.
  5. Also, if you write a page not from the "Still needed" list please add it to the "What's new on Castleville wiki?" list.
  6. If you're starting to make a new page and don't finish it you can write at the top of the page this sentence:
    This page is still under construction, please do NOT change a thing.
    which will stay there for up to two days.
  7. If you see a page that contain this sentence please, and I beg you, do listen to the sentence.

Pages of good exampleEdit

Thank you for reading this page! Now you can begin writing your own pages.

!Remember: Castleville wiki is open for everyone to edit, change and add, so don't be upset if someone changes your page.