Gloomed area

The Gloom is the dark blue fog that surrounding your lands and preventing you from expanding your area. The Gloom is removed from lands by having high enough castle and enough materials (coins and crystals).

Gloom Beasties Edit

The beasties are creatures of the Gloom who will try to attack you. There are four types of beasties, banish them takes energy in an amount which is depending on the beastie type. The types include:

Beasties can randomly appear on to your land after periods away or appear after certain action on your land. ( rats tend to appear frequently when working on farms.)


The cost of the gloom in exploration crystals is usually 16 per square. The amount of gold varies, though it usually scales with the castle requirement. Examples of requirement/cost include:

  1. 225 castle, 7 crystals, 40 000 coins
  2. 300 castle, 10 crystals, 55 000 coins
  3. 630 castle, 16 crystals, 79 000 coins
  4. 900 castle, 16 crystals, 118 000 coins
  5. 2100 castle, 20 crystals, 259 000 coins

Source Of The Gloom Edit

The source of the Gloom is unknoun and mysterious. One of the targets of the game is to find out what is the source of the Gloom. You can do so by clearing areas from the Gloom, completing storyline missions and getting to high levels (both experience and castle).

Things to findEdit

The gloom contains some interesting things which players can see via scrolling over the item with their mouse arrow. A lot of other items appear in the gloom but are normal and not revealed until the kingdom is actually expanded.

Such things include, but are not limited to: